• We are a group of companies which operates all over the world

  • We supply fertilizers from the different fertilizer manufacturing factories

  • We produce a variety of mechanical blends of NPK on different formulas

  • We are working with European banks

About us:

We are a group of companies which operates in Estonia, Tallinn and supplies various types of fertilizers to different markets around the world.

We are working more than 20 years in the market and offer a wide range of services:

We have produced following formulas for different countries, such as:

European Union, Africa
NPK 15-15-15 Granular;
NPK 16-16-16 Granular;
UREA 46% N;
AN 34,4% N;
NPK 22-10-15 5S 1B203 DOUALA, CAMERUN;
NPK 14-23-14 6S 1B2O3;
NPK 19-12-19 5S 1,2 B2O3 Togo;
NPK 20-10-10;
NPK 15-20-15 6S 1B2O3;
NPK 21-9-12 1S
NPK 25-5-7 1S
NPK 22-0-12 1,8 S
NPK 22-5-15 1S

Our product and services:

  • We are a distributers of different factories in

  • Russia,
  • Belarussia
  • and Ukraine
  • and we are a suppliers of different kinds of fertilizers for Europe, Scandinavia and African markets such as:
  • Urea (Urea N46)
  • Granular NPK 16:16:16
  • Amiachnaya nitrate (amonium nitrate)
  • Monoamonium sulfate (MAP)
  • We produce a variety of mechanical blends of

  • NPK on different formulas,
  • depending on the needs of customers.
  • We get these blends by mechanical mixing (in proportions according to required formulas depending on the customers needs) of primary fertilizers such as urea, ammonium nitrate AN, monoammonium phosphate MAP, diammonium phosphate DAP, nitroammophosphate NP, compounded NPK, muiriate of potassium MOP, ammonium sulfate AS, etc. and neutral fillers. The special mashines are used for these purposes. Liquid impregnation system for micronutrients and coating agents allows to add Mg, Ca, B and to treat the blend with anti-caking agents.
  • In order to avoid

  • the segregation of the product during transportation we supply fertilizers in
  • 25/50 kg bags,
  • in 500 kg big bags,
  • with a further shipment in containers, or we can deliver it in bulk.
  • We are working based on a different conditions of

  • such as Exworks,
  • DAF,
  • DDU,
  • FOB,
  • CIF
  • or directly to your place.
  • Shipment is carried out from the port of Estonia (Paldiski, Muuga, Paljasaare), also from the port of Riga (Latvia), or the Port of Liepaja (Lithuania).
  • We are working with European banks

  • and have various financial instruments.
  • Our direct and long-term relationships with factories, freight forwarding and transportation companies enable us to offer you more favorable price.
  • We are very interested in working with your company and would like to receive your inquiry about your needs, quantity, formulas, terms of payment and packaging of fertilizers.


Our companies:

  • Fertmix OÜ
  • FertPack Terminal OÜ
  • Fostema OÜ


  • Fosforiidi tn 4,
  • 74114, Tallinn

Commercial Director:

  • Erik Udras
  • Phone: +372 5 55 08 058
  • Phone: +7 911 17 86 688

Member of the Board:

  • Anatoli Gubanov
  • Phone: +372 5078 342